What you asked me // Q&A

Recently I asked YOU guys what you would love to know! So here are the top 10 questions we got asked:

1. "How do you get along with the bigger dogs when out in public?" - @rocketnrach 

I love all shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs. I grew up with my big brother Spud who is a staffy cross and met lots of my humans friends dogs from a young age. Socialising from a young age will help any puppy know that other breeds big or small are okay as well. 

2. "How much time does it take to keep Kingsley so well groomed?" - @eviesloan

I have only ever been trimmed a couple of times during my life as my fur isn't as fluffy as some of my friends (easy to maintain) Otherwise I get washed once a week or more if I decide that swimming is on the agenda for that day.

3. "Hi! New fan of Kingsley here. Ive been dying to get a long haired hotdog. Are  hotdogs high/low maintenance?" - @jared_rr

I would definitely suggest doing all the research prior to committing as some Dachshunds can be very high maintenance and some can be low. Ma always tells people how lucky she is that she got me as I am a very low maintenance King. It also comes down to the breeder, as long as the breeder breeds for temperament more so than looks then you should be ok.

4. "When did you get your Instagram?" - @em_grace12

My humans started my Instagram when I was 8 weeks old.

5. "Kingsley is amazing. How did you grow your IG so well. Is it just because he's so dang cute?" - @daniellepeachhardy

Instagram is certainly a fantastic platform but it is hard work and takes a lot of commitment.

6. "Why do you throw your ball in the water?" - @ella683_smile

I love the water... so it is another excuse to either see my humans fall into it while fetching my ball or an excuse for me to go swimming.

7. "How do you get Kingsley to not bark at everything?" - @bengarseeya

I do sometimes bark, but not always! I am not a big barker however if someone is at the front door I will try and scare them away.

8. "When would you get a second dog? Which breed would that be?" - @leinen_fieber

My humans would love another Sausage Dog, Long Haired Shaded Cream or Black and Cream. We aren't ready just yet for another one but sometime soon.

9. "How old are you?" - @divaannreyes

I am 2 years old.

10. "Hey..Kingsley..how r u? where is your ball no.4?? - @smritipathy

Ball no.4 ended up in pieces and in the big and replaced with Ball no.5... but I am not up to Ball no.6.

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