The Royal Diet // How to be as fit as the King, Me!

Want to be as fit as the King? (aka me) Want to feel amazing all the time with no tummy grumbles or excessive diets. Well do I have the secret for you! hehe, but shh... don't tell all your friends! You'll be having doggy abs in no time! 

We all know how important a nutritional diet is right? Well this is where it starts - from the inside out - Since a very baby my hoomans have kept me on the very best of the diets consisting of Royal Canin Puppy Biscuits until I was 10 months old. After I was 10 months old My hoomans popped me right onto the Royal Canin Dachshund Biscuits. This has kept my coat nice and shiny and my tummy nice and tight. 

(Image source from Pet Circle)

I am not a big eater so I get biscuits all day long to graze on - I do not recommend this to all my fur-friends as some are bigger eaters and being Dachshunds think that it is their last meal.

On the odd occasion sometimes for dinner my hoomans will cook me up some boiled chicken and cut it into tiny pieces - It is scrumptious! I recommend this ALL the time

Along with my day-to-day diet I get lots of yummy treats that are not only good for me but are also amazing for my teeth and wellbeing. 

Some of my favourites are:

- Royal Bulli3z

- Savour Life

- Get Wag

- Laila and Me 

- Ziwi Peak

Thank you for reading my blog - let me know what you eat in the comments section below. On the next blog I will tell you my day-to-day exercise routine to help with the amazing food! 


The King of Dachshunds

King Kingsley xx

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