Sydney Trip


Can you believe that Ma took me for a long weekend to Sydney too meet my cousin @rollos.roll (pictured below)!!! It was so pawsome! I arrived rather late so I was tired and slept like a baby all night and played with my cousin! The next day I was one lucky pup! I got to go see the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge…! WHAT! I was so excited! I then ventured off too meet my Ma’s Aunty and Nana! They were so excited too meet the King himself – They couldn’t believe how small and tiny I was. We went to so many places like the beach and cafe’s! It was such a blast – I even made friends with 3 guinea pigs (They weren’t too keen on me when I jumped into their cage)! You can see my pictures below of my time in Sydney! I will be demanding to go back soon too see my cousin!

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