National Dog Day // 20 things about me

To celebrate National Dog Day I thought that I would give you 10 things about me as the King of Dachshunds!

1. I was Born on the 24th November 2015

2. I am a Shaded Red Miniature Long haired Dachshund

3. I weigh 4.8kgs

4. I am originally from NSW

5. I love the colour red and blue

6. I get mistaken for a girl ALL THE TIME! 

7. I do love to chase Kangaroos... but I also like to ignore them

8. I am an Author of 3 Coffee Table books

9. I live on the Gold Coast, Australia

10. I am recently single and ready to mingle

11. I love to sleep under the covers and right next to my humans

12. Sometimes I like to eat Roo and Duck poo

13. I have travelled to Sydney twice 

14. I would LOVE a sister one day

15. I LOVE broccoli 

16. Ariana Grande is one of my 128k followers

17. I have super duper soft fur

18. I have a wardrobe bigger than my humans

19. I have my very own bedroom at home with a queen size bed and one at my grandpawrents

20. I am secretly a little shy when meeting new people

15. I like to give lots of kisses and cuddles


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