How to make your dog Instagram Famous

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Welcome back to our blog! We know it has been a while - This blog is coming right from Kingsley's Mama, Emma. Lately we have seen an influx in pages just looking more in-need of fame than ever to reach fame or followers. So we thought we would give you all some insights and helpful tips to helped us!

Now please do note, we do not claim that what we did is accurate and exactly what you should do, no one is a social media expert and every page is grown differently but what we can do is give you some helpful tips.


Let's talk about effort and time. Growing an Instagram account is NOT a piece of cake (Unless of cause you cheat - We will get to that later) It takes TIME and EFFORT to grow an organic social media profile. If you lack both of these then we suggest you just use it as a hobby and don't waste your time (Brutal, right?)

Engagement Groups:

If you are serious about growing an account being apart of 10 different engagement groups are not going to help you. Yes you may get more comments per post but what does that mean when you aren't reaching in likes or have the ratio of followers? Insights are so important and if you only have 1k followers but get 200+ comments per photos? That screams out red flags. Especially to businesses! 

Do we think this is a way of growing an account Organically? No. We do not agree with this tactic. If you have 5-7 friends that want to keep up to date with each others posts then that is a different story but if you are serious about growing your account stay away from engagement groups. 

Follow 4 Follow Trains:

This is one of the saddest things that we see and we get asked a lot about! NEVER EVER do a follow 4 follow train or play that game in general to build followers. At the end of the day each and everyone of those accounts will unfollow you and you will be pulling your hair out wondering why you can't grow an account. This tactic is also a very un-organic way to gain followers and to keep them loyal.

You wouldn't force your dog to love a dog it hates so why force someone to follow you? Let's keep it real and lets not get tied up in this tactic. If you want to gain REAL followers let them come to you, they will! We promise - just don't be desperate and go looking for them! Post amazing content that reaches out to your audience that is relevant and shows characteristics - people love that!

Unfollow Apps:

We have NEVER downloaded apps that allow us to see who unfollows us or who follows us (Okay, Maybe once for 1 day) but why waste your time and energy in worrying about those unfollows or if someone is unfollowing you back? Worry about those who WANT to follow you and WANT to stay around. We say delete that app - trash it right now and keep your sanity.

Buying Followers:

PLEASE JUST SIMPLY DO NOT DO THIS! We sadly know of LOTS of your favourite accounts that you may or may not follow who had bought lots of fake/ghost accounts 😭 Please do not get the urge to ruin your account! If you are thinking maybe you might by just 500 followers you might as well delete your account altogether! Lets talk insights again and ratios... you have 10k followers but get only 10 likes per photos? Doesn't seem right does it?


Now we understand this blog might be a little front forward and brutal but we are very sick of seeing accounts desperate for fame and following. The time will come if you are patient. We worked VERY hard to grow Kingsley's account to where it has gotten to and I can tell you we did NONE of the above (We researched into engagement groups and were apart of a HUGE one for a couple of weeks just to understand how and why accounts smaller than us were getting triple the comments, It was actually very heartbreaking and sad once we had figured out how).

The platform is meant to be fun and amazing! We understand how frustrating the new changes that Instagram has made are, but don't give up! Work around it organically. 

If you would love to know anything more or have any specific questions for us please let us know and we will make our next blog a little lighter and give you insight on how we edit out photos - what time we post and how we choose content. 

Lots of love Emma and King Kingsley xx 

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  • This is so helpful and inspiring to those of us starting pages, thank you! :)

  • Hi, Emma, how nice to attach a name to your beautiful face after following King Kingsley and enjoying your posts for so long. Envious of where you live; Sanctuary Cove is beautiful, and the Roos!! Kingsley does a great impression. We’re in NY and have a Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Chase. Long and low, like dachshunds, but rare in the US. I’m constantly asked “What breed is that?” I post occasionally for fun only, not a passion like yours. Always happy to see you and Kingsley in my feed. Keep up the great work and good on ya, mate.
    Best regards,

    Ed Rosenthal
  • One word. Queen. Oh and king xxx


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