The Royal Fitness Routine

Wanting that all year round summer body, but not sure where to start? Well boy do I have the program for you! In my last post I spoke about "The Royal Diet" and now lets get to the nit and grit of how I keep my summer body all year round!

So I thought I would share some of my fitness tips and tricks:


I like to go for 2 walks a day.

- 1 in the morning which consists of a light walk for around 30-40mins 

- 1 in the afternoon that is a little longer for around 40-60mins


Who doesn't love running? Grab your hooman and get them to either throw a ball in the park or run alongside you! If you are extra lucky like I am get your hooman to sit in a Golf Cart while you either chase them or they chase you. (Ma says this is a really good one to make one tired pup)

- I run 2-3 times per week


I LOVE SWIMMING! It is my most top secret in fitness. I am all about safety so always wear a life jacket just incase my little legs get tired. (TIP: I am a fantastic swimmer but sometimes find I sink a little into the water so the life jacket really helps me keep up right!) I love to either jump onto a floating object or straight into the water. The BIGGEST tip of all is to get your hooman to throw a ball so you can chase it.

- In Summer I swim almost every day

- In winter I only swim when the weather is warm enough

Play Dates:

Who doesn't love to hang out with friends and run a muck! Lucky I have LOTS of friends that I can catch up with and run together! It really gets the heart racing and the the fitness levels up! 


If you would like a day - to - day exercise guide and food plan let me know in the comments below! Also please be aware that each program should be adjusted in depending on the breed of puppy you are.

Happy fitness-ess-ing friends!

The King of Dachshunds

King Kingsley xx

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