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We get a lot of questions based around "Where is Kingsley from" and "Can you send me Kingsley's breeders details" Unfortunately due to privacy and respect to our breeder (whom is an older lady) we are not willing to give out our breeders details! Plus who would want Kingsley's EVERYWHERE!

What we are able to help you with is how to find the perfect pup for you! It took us a while to find an amazing mini long haired dachshund and infant we had put a deposit down on a Standard black and tan dachshund before finding Kingsley. Don't get me wrong the standard was beautiful however just not for us (in size). We searching high and low for an amazing breeder and the one place that you can find all the credit and papered breeders is on DogzOnline

We suggest that you have a look at the breeders and pop your name down on as many waitlists as you like. The right puppy can usually take around 12months to get, however being patient will be all worth the while in the end! Do not become impatient and go for a breeder that is not fully qualified (We have heard of some horrific stories) Do your research of the breed and don't stop researching the breed until you know EVERYTHING (HINT: Search Double Dapples)

You can also check out our close friends Choc Cream Dachshunds for future litters. What we can say is that one day this is where Kingsley's little sibling will come from! 

Goodluck and if you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to ask us


King Kingsley and Ma xx

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