A Dachshund and his Ball

Are you addicted to balls as much as I am?  If you are already following me on Instagram you would know that Ball Bae.5 and I (YES 5) have a great connection. I have decided to help your paws understand my method around walking around the lake and continuously dropping the ball into the lake. (Trust me it tastes delicious after its been in duck water - hehe)

What you need:

- Ball of choice (I like the Kong squeaky ones - size medium)

- Big lake to walk around

- No lead


Once you're hooman decide's to take you on that lovely morning or afternoon walk make sure you have your Ball Bae, from here as you are walking around that big lake that you made your hooman walk you around - run, RUN towards the lake with Ball Bae and drop it into the water so that you either have to go swim after it as it floats away or your hooman has to collect it with struggle (It is a great laugh - hehe). BEWARE the hooman may get a bit fed up with this trick.. and pop you on a lead... Just make sure you pull at the lead with your teeth until you are set free again.


Hope you loved my blog on how to annoy the hooman and create a great connection with your next Ball Bae.

The King of Dachshunds

King Kingsley xx

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