What to do when your pet goes missing

Help! My Pet is Missing

Until recently, we had not idea on the power of a missing and loved pet! This article comes to you from a first hand experience with Honey the missing Dachshund. On the 4th November 2021, Honey the Dachshund was on her road to a new family on the Gold Coast from NSW when she unfortunately got out and made a run for it from her carers home. Fast forward now we are Day 20 and Honey is still out there in NSW somewhere. (Lets hope when you are reading this that Honey has found her way home).


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Missing Pet is Found - King Kingsley

Who do I contact when my pet goes missing?

Get in contact with Milly's Search, Trap and Rescue, They not only run a wonderful business off non-for-profit but are equiped with all the answers and recourses needed to bring your pet home! 

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Steps to follow in finding a lost pet 

FIRSTLY Contact Milly's Search, Trap and Rescue

1. Place a message on your own facebook, make it available to the public

2. Contact all your local pets and pounds

3. Go search where your pet was last spotted or any familiar places it may go

4. Put Posters up to make people aware - Poster Template Here

5. Go door knocking in the area and check peoples properties 

6. Ensure your pets microchip is up to date and registered

Check out the full template here for more information

How many hours do I need to wait before stressing about finding my pet?

Please do not wait to start searching for your lost pet, dog or cat. Use the guides and/or contact Milly's Search, Trap and Rescue. The sooner you start the process of trying to find your pet and make the community aware that they are missing, is very important. As an example; Scared dogs or dogs chasing something have been known to travel some distance in a short amount of time.

Do not wait to see if your pet comes home by itself. Otherwise you have wasted valuable time.

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Pet Trap by Millys Search and Trap Rescue - King Kingsley

How you can help Milly's Search, Trap and Rescue reunite more pets with their owners

There is nothing better than giving back to the community and we really honoured that the team from Milly's have been able to assist us in bringing Honey home. If you want to help Milly's not only grow a presence but also be able to purchase more pet traps, cameras and drones then we can express enough if even if it is just $5.00 please donate it to the details below and put the description as King Kingsley

BSB: 302-162
Account Number: 1781986

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