1. Why did you start your business/businesses?
I started Wear Wag Repeat to document my two favorite things - style and dogs. When I started 7 years ago there weren't many other people blogging about dogs in a stylish way, so it was a fun niche to work in. As I've grown my blog and business, I've met so many people who love to make their dogs a seamless part of their lives just like I do. Now I'm passionate about helping other women live their best life alongside their dogs. 

2. What is your role?
I'm a blogger, podcast, course creator, online shop owner and influencer. But most importantly, I'm a dog mom!

3. What makes your business unique?
Wear Wag Repeat is all about supporting women and their dogs. On my podcast I exclusively feature women in the pet industry. And in my online shop, I support dog mom makers who share my belief that your dog gear should be just as stylish as your own accessories!
4. How old is your business and were is it located?
I've had Wear Wag Repeat for about 7 years. I'm based in Pittsburgh, PA.

5. What do you sell/offer?
In my online shop, I sell stylish goods for dog moms. Everything is produced in a sustainable, eco-conscious way and supports dog mom makers whenever possible. I also offer resources for dog mom-preneurs like my online course, Instagram Strategy for the Pet Obsessed.

6. Do you own any pets yourself? What are they and who are they?
Of course! I have two chocolate labs, Lucy and Burt. Lucy is a certified Therapy Dog and Burt is a special needs rescue. They're both 8 years old. 

7. What is your favourite part about running a business?
I love that my business allows me to spend all my time with my dogs. They're my coworkers!

8. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
I would encourage you to "just start." Nothing will ever be perfect and you can't know everything. Sometimes you need to take a leap and launch your dreams then figure it out as you go. 

9. What is your greatest achievement yet within the pet industry? 
In my person life, I was very proud to get my dog Lucy certified as a Therapy Dog. We love to volunteer together at the Veterans Center near my house. 
Professionally, I hit 100 episodes of my podcast earlier this year. I hear from women all the time that my show inspires them to start their own pet industry business. I love that I can inspire and motivate other women to lead a dog-inspired life! 

10. What are your top 5 most selling pet products and why?
Puppy Breath Candle (re-stock coming soon!)
Jungle Dogs Dress
This is My Dog Walking Outfit Shirt
I Only Leave The House to Walk the Dog Sweatshirt
Dog Moms UNITE Tank (supports local pet food bank)

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