1. Introduce us to yourself and why you started travelling with your pets?

My name is Melanie Varey and I am the writer of with my husband Jon. We are both teachers by day but love sharing our experiences of our passions by writing the blog too- dog friendly living, food and wellbeing. We started travelling with our dogs a few years back because we love nothing more than a dog friendly holiday. It really isn’t the same without them. One of our dogs also doesn’t settle well away from home and us so we opted to take him with us. We now have 2 dogs. 


2. What is your favourite place that you have travelled?

We are huge fans of Scotland and invariably end up booking a holiday there at least once a year. We have been UK based with the dogs to date and save our international travel for city breaks etc without the dogs. For this we use a trusted house sitter. 


3. What makes your blog page unique?

The combination of food, dogs and wellbeing make this quite unique. As whippet owners we do offer a breed specific perspective. We also enjoy sharing our food photos and visits with like minded folk from a grateful customer perspective. We are members of the public appreciating great food rather than food experts. Our reviews are honest and we only write about things we think are really brilliant. 


4. When did you start writing your travel blogs and tips?

I started the blog just over a year ago (2019) and have really enjoyed spending time learning how to blog. I have met such interesting and like minded people through it- it’s been a realm breath of fresh air. 


5. What is it like travelling with pets?

Travelling with pets is fantastic. As lovers of open spaces and fresh air, leaving the dogs at home just wasn’t an option. Watching them enjoy beautiful places makes us enjoy it all the more. You do need to be organised to travel with pets however, things like their food etc and preparing for possible eventualities along the way. We always travel with a spare lead, collar, first aid kit etc- this is due to previous mishaps! 


6. Do you own any pets yourself? What are they and who are they?

We own and adore our two cheeky whippets named Jarvis and Finn. They are now 7 and 8 years old. We never thought in a million years we would love them so much and they would be such an important part of our family. They are awesome and make us laugh every day. 


7. What is your favourite part about travelling with your pet?

I think it makes the travelling all the more special for us. To explore and  new places as a complete family really is amazing. The type of holidays that we enjoy lends itself perfectly to having the dogs with us so it’s never been difficult to do so. Being away from and missing the dogs would spoil the holiday for me. Seeing them zoom around is our favourite pastime so they need to be present and get involved as much as possible. 


8. If you had one piece of advice to someone who also wants to travel the world with their pets, what would it be?

I have never travelled overseas though we do plan to do, but for travel in general, I would say it’s all in the preparation. You know your dog so think about what they need to be safe, comfortable and healthy away from home- this you tweak and perfect the more you travel. Be aware that dogs generally dislike unfamiliarity as will need patience and TLC away from home. Choose a holiday that lends itself to having a dog with you, for example a self catering cottage, camping, lots of outdoor time. If you like a poolside package type holiday perhaps taking your dog would work so well! Sorry that’s more then one! 


9. How did your pet cope flying so many hours? 

My dogs have never flown to date but they do travel for long distances in the car.  This took some training as one of them got carsick when we first rescued him as a puppy. After lots of reassurance and training he now travels brilliantly ... with plenty of toilet stops. 


10. What are your favourite pet brands for travelling?

Our favourite brands for beds, leads, harnesses, collars are more are here We also love our Croft soft crate for creating a safe den. A good seat belt clip is important when travelling with dogs too so worth an investment. 


Melanie varey


Twitter- @Twoplusdogs1 

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