Why did you start your business?
I was a horse trainer… I decided to take a break to go back to school to study painting & drawing, 10 years later I moved to California and took some time off. I stayed active walking dogs part time & decided to get online to see what new training techniques I could learn, I was amazed at how little was similar to what I had learned 20 years prior and I dove into getting certified as a reward based trainer.

What is your role?
Trainer, Coach, Care Giver

What makes your business/page unique?
We specialize with Puppies, Recall ( come when called ) & Canine Enrichment & Management

How old is your business and where are you located?
5 years old - Carlsbad, California 

What are some hot tips in training a puppy?
If you start training starting right when you get a new dog, it’s amazing the patterns you can build that will last a lifetime

Do you have any pets yourself?
I have a 4 year old American Shepherd ( AKA - Mini Aussie ).

What is your favourite part about being in the pet industry?
I love the Pet Industry. I’m a serial entrepreneur and have had many career shifts, the animal world is where I want to stay, it feels like home.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
Explore, Ask for help from colleagues, mentors & more. Focus/niche... find what you specifically love to do in your field, your joy will carry you.

What is your greatest achievement yet within the pet industry? 
I thought that presenting at an International Conference on Canine Enrichment would be at the top of my list, but… it’s cliche &  true that the ‘smaller' moments matter the most. Helping a pet parent shift their behavior which changes the dog's behavior, creating a better lifestyle for everyone are my greatest achievements. The commitment my clients put in to get astonishing results warms my heart every week, I feel so lucky to be part of the process.

What are your top 5 most selling pet products and why?
Currently my private online video training sessions and classes are the best sellers.

2nd best are my Paws & Bones products -
And, I will soon have my $37.00 Recall Webinar for sale! I’d love to partner with you for some give aways :)

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