Why did you start your business?

I want the world to be full of happy and pampered pooches

When did you start your business?/ What made you want to open a pet business?

September 2019

Tell us more about your business

All my grooming products are hand made in Australia in small batches. Nothing is mass manufactured. I only use human-grade cosmetic ingredients, all-natural ingredients and organic where possible. I only use essential oils and no synthetic fragrances. I have an ethos of being as enviro friendly as possible the only plastic components I use are the caps on the spritzer colognes, and the aromatherapy oils. No plastics bubble wrap and my packing tape is enviro-friendly plus couriers are carbon neutral. All this premium goodness but I still sell at comparative price to the mass manufacturers who use substandard ingredients - I want all owners to be able to get quality at an affordable price!

What do you sell/offer?

I sell aromatherapy products to make your dog look, feel and smell fine

TIP AND TOES 2-in-1 Balm

Tips and Toes Balm

This is my hero product, I’ve been getting really sensational results in rejuvenating dog’s crusty and calloused noses (some in as little as three days)

Ultra-hydrating and packed full of moisturising and healing ingredients

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Our range of aromatherapy essential oils have been carefully blended for dogs. They are perfect for a bonding experience and rewarding massage. Essential oils may also help assist with fear, anxiety and travel/motion sickness. Easy to use, they're pre-mixed and diluted specifically for dogs, all you need to do is apply to the palm of your hand and massage directly onto your dog or apply to bedding or collars. They are safe to use daily or as often needed and are a natural alternative to help support your dog's wellbeing. Your dog will love it's doggy day spa massage days.

Spritzer Cologne

Spritzer and Cologne

Also known as fart eliminator - they be used as a room deodoriser, on bedding and dog clothes. It’s also safe to spray directly onto your dog when then they have that in between bath smell. Ditch the Itch is also great for soothing dogs with itches and irritations.

Gentle Shampoo Bars

Gentle Soap Bars

These bars may appear small but boy they pack an amazing amount of shampoos into them! Less wasteful than bottled shampoo and no plastic waste! Super gentle and perfect for puppies first wash, comes in scented and unscented, for dog’s with extra sensitive skin. Low irritant, no sulfates. Contains neem oil which is makes hair soft and shiny, plus its a natural tick and flea repellant.


What is your favourite part about running the business?

Seeing before and after photos of healed noses and chilled out pups.


Who are some of your favourite Instagram Stars?

So many but here’s some of my fav Australian accounts

@howardandnedthegriffons such cheeky puppers

@amospearce Mel, his mum, is a nutter (in a good way) and I love his snoot

@specs.of.spencer small account but Kirsten takes the most adorable photos

@blue_ghost_acd another small account but she takes the most beautiful photos of her 3-legged boy

@kingkingsley__ I think you might know this one ;–)

@chubbs_and_angel so well behaved and love to throw a pawty

@fendi_gomboc queen of the ear fluff and reigning bich


Do you run ambassador programs and if so how can a pupper reading this find out more?

We’re always supporting pups giveaways and would be open to any ambassadors they can contact us via instagram DM

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

It can be a hard slow slog, but don’t give up, the rewards of seeing a dog’s healed nose, or seeing them using and recommending your product is worth it. 

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