1. Why did you start your business/businesses?
Well, it’s pretty simple. I love animals and I love photography. Always wanted to be a photographer growing up and begged our parents until they got us a puppy. One day, I was musing out loud about how wonderful it would be if I could just photograph pets. And my husband, who is truly the greatest support and optimist, simply said: why not? It started me down a road of research and learning that brought about the formation of Posh Pets® Photography.

2. What is your role?
I make you look gooooood! I am a photographer and I love photographing dapper doggies and fascinating felines. And, I think my clients are the cutest - I mean, would you look at this girl?!
3. What makes your business unique?
When I started ‘pet photography’ was pretty unique in of itself. Today, many photographers dabble in it. So, it takes a little more to be unique. T
he first thing is that I am exclusively a pet photographer. I photograph people as well, but only in addition to their pets. 
The second thing is that lots of ‘pet’ photographers only photograph dogs. I think cats get short-shrift in many things, including how precious and full of personality they truly are, so I make it a point to photograph cats as well. Of course, I also photograph other pets such as horses, ferrets, rabbits and, most recently, a hedgehog!

4. How old is your business and where is it located?
I began Posh Pets® Photography in 2011. It started as a side-hustle (that is what us humans call it when we have another job that takes us away from doing what we love - petting all of the dogs!) That means my business is about 9 years old. We are based in Toronto, Canada, but we serve clients across Canada and beyond.

5. What do you sell/offer?
1. Posh Pets® Photography: Pet photography done properly. https://poshpetsphoto.com
2 flydographer: on-location sessions for those who #travelwithdog http://flydographer.com
3. Commercial photography for brands who welcome and create for pets: https://karenweilerphotography.com/
4. Posh Pets Ink.: a paper, print and accessory store for pet-loving humans: https://poshpetsphoto.square.site/  (this is very new - about 2 weeks old!)
6. Do you own any pets yourself? What are they and who are they?
Our kitties - Baxter Huntington (on the right) and Panda - would probably object to ever being referred to as ‘owned’, but they are very much loved. I’m fairly certain that Panda believes SHE owns all 3 of us - my husband, Baxter and I.  She’s small, but mighty. LOL 
Both are from the same shelter (Toronto Animal Services), adopted about 14 months apart. They are best friends and spend most days cuddled up together.  Panda is about 8 years old and about a third of the size of Baxter. Baxter is about 10. They act more like pups than cats: coming when they are called, loving to be held and snuggled and both sleep on our bed each night. They also love other animals including dogs and welcome anyone who comes to visit. In a word, they are perfect.
7. What is your favourite part about running a business?
You cannot really have a bad day when you spend it with animals. I love meeting and photographing all of the beautiful pets people bring me. I also love working with brands on commercial projects where they want the animals to look happy and healthy.
In addition, I am able to give back by photographing adoptables for a number of local shelters and rescues. Seeing those precious souls find their forever home and is always a great perk.

8. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
First, be true to yourself. Owning and running a business is not easy. There are certainly easier ways to earn a living. So, if you are going to embark on this adventure, you should be doing something you love! 
Second, learn to run a business. Too many photographers just want to take photos. A business is there to serve you, to earn money. If it is not doing that, it is simply an (expensive) hobby. Nothing wrong with a hobby that you love, but decide early on if it is a business you want.

9. What is your greatest achievement yet within the pet industry? 
I think that every day that I am able to capture the personality of a pet on film and give that gift to the dog mum or cat dad, that is truly the definition of success. The hugs and yes, tears, that I receive tell me that I’ve done my job well.
However, if you are asking about external forces, I’m recognized as one of Toronto’s best pet photographers and last year was asked to speak for Profoto (lighting equipment company) at the Toronto photography show. That included a live demonstration working with one of my furry clients. It’s no surprise that she stole the show! But, it also began my foray into public speaking and teaching about photography. In addition, one of the images that I produced live in front of an audience, recently won a photography award!

10. What are your top 5 most selling pet products and why? (If you could send us some high quality pictures that would be amazing as I will link them to your website) 
1. Folio box: I call it the unbound album. It is just so versatile! You can choose to display all of the images on your walls and use the box as a place to store keepsakes. Or, you can rotate the images on your walls and the box will keep the other images safe. It is personalized with your dog or cat’s name and a date or some other significant piece of information. 99% of my clients get one of these. (Link: https://www.poshpetsphoto.com/photography-art-products/posh-pets-folio-box/)
2. Wall Art: Go big or go home! All of my clients go home with a piece of art for the wall. People have always put family portraits on the wall and pets are family! I make it very simple for my clients: they choose the size, but the finish (canvas, framed & matted or a standout) is one price. That way, they select the item that best fits their home, rather than deciding based on price. (Link: https://www.poshpetsphoto.com/photography-art-products/)
3. Happy Gotcha Day cards: These types of cards are hard to find! Which is why I designed them. They are handmade and beautiful embossed and assembled with lovely parchment paper inside to write your good wishes. (link: https://poshpetsphoto.square.site/shop/cards/38)
4. Gift Certificates: Busy executives purchase these for family members. It’s personal, it’s unique, and it is easy done-for-you. (Link: https://www.poshpetsphoto.com/the-perfect-gift/)
Posh Pets Gift Certificate
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