Are Dachshunds a good Family dog?

Buying a new puppy and bringing it into the family can be a very exciting experience however very daunting for the new puppy. Considering bringing a Dachshund into your family but not sure where to start? Not sure if it will be the right fit? There are many factors that need to be taken into account before bringing a Dachshund into your home. 

The Do's to think about:

- Ensure that it is the RIGHT time to adopt a puppy

- Make sure you have the time for your new puppy (My Ma took 3 weeks off work to ensure I was settled in and didn't have any issues being alone)

- A puppy does grow up into an adult and needs regular exercise, can you fit this in every day?

-  Ensure your puppy has a nice comfortable spot to feel safe in (My Ma never crated me but it is an option) As a puppy I had a nice safe and secure spot when being left about and it had my bed, water and food bowel inside a play pen with access to the dog flap for wee's and poo's. HINT* Helped toilet training 

- Dachshunds need lots of patience when training as they can be stubborn and toilet training can be a nightmare (sometimes)  Do you have the time for this?

- Have you considered vet bills? Desexing, Vaccinations, Worming etc? 

- Have you considered going to a Dachshund meet up to get a real feel for the breed (If it is your first time)

- Do your research on the breed, some Dachshunds do not get along with kids and can suffer from severe anxiety so it is important to give this breed your undivided attention at all times. 

- Look at registered breeders (Ma found mine on DogzOnline) Do NOT get impatient sometimes it can take time and many waitlists to get a puppy

The Don'ts to think about:

- Don't get impatient and go looking for puppies that are not registered

- Don't go onto gumtree looking or support backyard breeders/puppy farms. Unfortunately (not every) backyard breeders do not have the proper certifications and can be a high risk of health issues. 

- Do not fall for that Dachshund puppy with the pretty blue eyes and the beautiful white patches - most likely it is a Double Dapple and will most likely end up blind, deaf and many more symptoms (Please do the research before committing to any puppy)


The list of both Do's and Don'ts could go on forever, REMEMBER that bringing a Dachshund/Dog into a home is a COMMITMENT. It is like committing to a child for its life, that dog is dependent on you for love, care and neutering. It loves you and only ever wants to please you. If you are seriously considering adopting a Dachshund please do the research of the breed and also get our local Dachshund Associations if any older dogs or puppies need homes. 


The King of Dachshunds

King Kingsley xx

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